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About Device
ID 6930
Name: Device 6930
Provider: Telenor DK
Make: Samsung
Model: GT-I9195
Country: dk
Battery: 87%
Cell Signal: 100%
Wifi: Not Connected
Location: 0,0
Last Seen: 38 seconds ago

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Device 6930

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Get information regarding this Android device using our API!

  • <?php
  • include "smsGateway.php"
  • $smsGateway = new SmsGateway('', 'password')

  • $id = 6930;

  • $result = $smsGateway->getDevice($id);
  • ?>

The SMS Gateway API allows you to access information regarding this device programmatically. If you are using the PHP Library all you have to do is copy the few lines of code on the left and you are good to go! For more information read our documentation!

Device API Documentation!